The necessity to sell and acquire IT Services Portfolios End to End

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Deliver Business Value with IT

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I was recently contacted by a large Editor (As most of you like know I have accompanied a number of IT consulting companies and editors  in their “Go to Market” with Client acquisition, (Large) Account Introductions, Alliances (notably with BIG 5 consultancies), Market Position (Forrester, Gartner, Bright Talk) and position of the “Value Proposition” (discovery, competitive analysis of market offerings, road map to realign solutions portfolio and transform sales and delivery operations, develop new market strategy and execution plans, and drive sales transformation, acquisition of smaller actors)) to help them in their go to market.

Where an IT strategy that support business objectives should demonstrate a coherent technology solution this is rarely the case. Most editors or consulting business sell adhoc projects in regards of opportunities to do so with the client. On the client side fire fighting that is to solve problems on an adhoc basis, where focus is on work arounds and throwing man…

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Deliver Business Value with IT

Design, Build, Run_To Deliver Business Value with IT we need to 

If your IT strategy looks like this then I would invite you to discover my new book Deliver Business Value with IT! – Design, Build and Run Effective IT Strategy execution to business needs. @ and soon also on apple store, Amazon,  Barnes and Noble.

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What the reviewers said: “Deliver Business Value with IT” is an extremely solid piece of work that comes across as the A-Z reference of how to execute and implement IT strategy from a CIO level perspective. The reader will learn robust approaches to deliver services designed to support IT and Business drivers. The perspective that Martin spells out permits an overview of how to leverage existing frameworks but also to effectively support the execution of an IT Strategy aligned with the Business Strategy.

(Jean-Louis Leignel, Ex CIO of the Schneider Electric Group …

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CIO Insight:

The below BrightTALK presentations performed as Thought Leader would give a good end to end perspective of how to proceed:

Get your IT Service Strategy Right!
Leverage Strategy with IT and demonstrate IT contribution to business objectives
Get service oriented or outsourced!
Cloud Computing: Fluff or Lightening